About Us

OUR PURPOSE: Empowering companies to prosper by energizing the human spirit one culture at a time

We help businesses maximize their most important asset—people.

The experts at Ideal Outcomes provide organizational development consulting, change implementation, talent management, coaching,  diversity and inclusion and culture integration to businesses of all sizes.

While each organization has a different “ideal,” we’ve found there are shared challenges along every path. Our 5-step culture optimization process provides a proven framework and customizable tools for identifying and tackling obstacles to progress.

Change is constant. Competition is constant. If you’re still in business, you’re doing something right. That’s where we start. We focus on the positives and leverage what’s working, using those successes as your launchpad to the next level of success—however you define it.

What Differentiates Ideal Outcomes:

  • People-Focused Solutions

  • Culture Transformation Model

  • Unique and Customized Approach

  • Sustained Client Relationships

  • Authentic Customer-Centric Values


Our Team


Jason Richmond

president/ceo + Chief culture officer

My passion is to share what I’ve discovered during my long career working with incredible leaders around the world. My mission is to apply the lessons I’ve learned to my life, my team members’ lives, and my clients’ business challenges. I believe you don’t learn if you remain stationary. This is why I continue to dedicate my life and career to never-ending continuous improvement.

Jason is an in-demand keynote speaker, widely recognized as a noted authority on helping companies build strong, sustained revenue growth by empowering their employees and developing energizing office cultures.

During his career of more than twenty years, Jason has assisted companies of all sizes in a wide variety of industries. He has not only worked closely with established Fortune 100 companies to create Leadership Development Journeys, but also provided thought leadership and innovative consulting services to a range of mid-size firms. And he has guided numerous start-ups to build solid foundations that have enabled them to become noted industry leaders.

Jason has become a valued resource for many organizations, helping them implement talent development paths, culture maps, succession plans, and learning strategies. He has captured best practices from successful organizations and integrated them into the core principles that form the foundation of Ideal Outcomes.



senior vice president

“I specialize in uniting teams and establishing leaders within different companies. My passion for helping people grow is what drives me, and my ability to bring out the best in employees has led me on a path to change people’s lives and the organizations they serve for the better.”

Laura Nortz engages with key stakeholders to design solutions that result in consistent skills, behaviors, and language among teams to ultimately create a unified and energized organizational culture.

In addition, she takes a primary role researching and developing leadership trainings, formal presentations, coaching and customer service with companies of all sizes. Laura has worked closely with leadership teams in a wide variety of industries in countries throughout the world that include Italy, Germany, the UK, Sweden, the Philippines, China, Australia, Canada, and the US and British Virgin Islands.




Coach + master Trainer

As a Certified Master Trainer at Ideal Outcomes, I play an active role developing long-term vision for my clients and identifying future goals for my team. I push individuals to feel comfortable doing uncomfortable things in order to bring out a client’s true potential while challenging my team in ways that provokes creative thinking.

Sheila McVeigh has been in the business performance improvement field for 24 years. She is a licensed and certified multi-course Dale Carnegie® Trainer. She is also a certified Master Trainer, licensed to lead the certification process to license trainers for Dale Carnegie programs.

Sheila has conducted customized training for over 300 organizations that include AAA, Campbell Soup, Carrier, Comcast, conEdison, Department of Defense, Discover Financial, Experian, EP Henry, Google, HouseMaster, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Motorola, Paychex, Red Bull, ShopRite Supermarkets, and many others.




Director Organizational Development and Consulting

“My passion is helping clients and their employees realize their full potential. I focus on being a value-added resource for them and my team with the goal of helping them exceed their own expectations.

Jeanne Kerr has had an extensive professional career working closely with client leadership teams in a wide array of industries to ensure they articulate and execute culture and people strategies that match the vision they have for their company. Jeanne often describes this process by stating that putting the right people in the right seats is not enough. The key is building a better bus.

Her primary areas of expertise include cultural change, strategic planning, organizational development, leadership development, change management, business partner development, assessments, HR analytics, and succession planning.



jennifer cassidy

global trainer + coach

My motivation has always been to serve---my country and its partners, clients, class members, leaders, and teams. My diverse professional background--sales, military, state and federal government employee, business owner and leader make me a uniquely-qualified trainer.

Jennifer has more than 20 years expertise in training executives, managers, supervisors, senior military officers and their civilian counterparts. She became a certified Dale Carnegie® trainer in 2000 and continued to deliver training during her 20-year military career. Her clients include AAA, Discover, Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, Starbucks, Pfizer, Cisco, the World Bank, D.C. government and many federal government agencies.

A retired Air Force colonel, Jennifer served as a Public Relations Officer, training general officers and senior Department of Defense civilians to develop and deliver messages to Congress, national and international news media and the public. As a consultant she created strategic and tactical communication plans and developed a training and coaching program for the Saudi Arabian Military Office of Defense.



nikki vescovi

global master trainer + consultant

“My passion is connecting people with each other to bring success for everyone involved. I love the challenge of breaking down barriers, building communication, and helping people find a passion for what they do. As a lifelong learner, I help individuals and organizations kindle their internal spark.”  

Nikki has 36 years of industry experience in 24 countries including Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, China and Russia. A dynamic global speaker, trainer, and coach she assists clients build and sustain cultures that create alignment and trust impacting productivity, engagement and bottom-line results.  A lifelong learner, she utilizes NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) skills to help individuals make immediate and impactful changes in their professional and personal lives.


Jason Bisping

Senior Learning + Development Consultant

“I am passionate about solving organization problems through learning and development designs. I specialize in creating company-wide learning programs that have clear and measurable organizational impact.”

Jason Bisping bases his work on leading research, including his own. As a college professor and researcher in communication, behavior change, and theatre, Jason worked with organizations and communities to solve problems through interactive, cooperative design.

As a learning and development consultant, Jason continues to collaborate using interactive workshops and immersive programs that help large groups of people change their behaviors and get better in meaningful and impactful ways.





“I love exploring new technologies that will draw learners in and inspire them to build fresh knowledge and skills. I specialize in developing creative, fun eLearning that incorporates scenarios, games, and simulations and invites learners to be active participants.”

Barbara has extensive experience designing learning solutions for technology, healthcare, financial, and other industries. Her expertise lies in working with subject matter experts and creating engaging eLearning solutions that deliver measurable results. As a learning and development consultant, Barbara continues to provide online solutions for real-world problems. 






As a designer, I have the opportunity to bring ideas to life. Turning the vision of clients into deliverables each day is a challenge I love to undertake. I strive to make sure that each project meets the high standards set by Ideal Outcomes.

Nicholas Schmitt has 10 years of professional experience. Proficient in Adobe Indesign and Illustrator he works closely with instructional designers and clients to design and develop programs. Nick has had a lifelong passion for digital art and design and has created branding compliant custom program and engagement material for hundreds of clients of all sizes and industries bringing a fine attention to detail to every project.