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Effective Executive Leadership Training in a Dynamic Business Environment

Reaching the top of an organization doesn’t necessarily mean someone is prepared and skilled for the job. Executives may not be ready for the high-level strategic leadership required to be a member of the C-suite or a vice president — which is where executive development programs come in. In fact, research by Training Industry has found that providing training to senior leaders has, in the executives’ own opinion, a significant impact on their ability and desire to lead.

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Integrating the Human Element in a Merger or Acquisition

Executives considering any type of merger or acquisition do their due diligence. They pore over balance sheets, scrutinize operational procedures, evaluate budgets and forecasts, and conduct numerous other analyses. But how often do they pause to consider the people. Bringing together two companies also brings together two sets of people. And the corporate cultures within which these people operate may be significantly different.

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A Simple Guide to Succession Planning

Historically, succession planning has been focused on key leadership roles. For example, when Jack Welch was the CEO of GE, the rule of thumb was three replacements for his role. In other words, there should be three people with the potential to replace him at any given time. This concept has been adapted and proven to be effective by a number of organizations. One that comes to mind is McDonalds, which survived the unexpected loss of two CEOs in a nine-month period.

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