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  1. Define

    Defining the culture you want in a planned and intentional manner is critical. Your culture is your identity. It reflects how you see yourself and how the outside world sees you. When we define our desired culture, including our purpose and values, we motivate and inspire our teams.

  2. Diagnose

    We need to assess our current culture from multiple perspectives: company policies, communication styles, codes of conduct, office setting and design, and organizational structure. And we must understand our culture from the point of view of employees at all levels and in all locations.

  3. Plan

    Once you have defined your desired culture and diagnosed its current state, you know what your gaps are. Planning is all about closing these gaps. Culture shift occurs when your culture aligns perfectly with your business strategy, values, processes, and people strategy, not when they sort of align.

  4. Measure

    Without measurement, there is no way to determine if you are making progress or if you need to change course. In a world constantly buffeted by change, you want to develop measurements that are frequent, quick, and ongoing and embed these measurements into how you measure business performance as a whole.

  5. Sustain

    Culture change is hard. Sustaining it is even harder. Culture change should not be thought of as a program that is conceptualized, installed, and considered done. You need to develop key actionable strategies to prevent such failure and apply practical best practices to sustain the change you desire.

Jason Richmond, Chief Culture Officer, Ideal Outcomes

Jason Richmond, Chief Culture Officer, Ideal Outcomes

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