Culture change workshop in Denver

Attention all C-Suite leaders and business owners in Colorado. 

Jason Richmond will conduct a thought-provoking two-hour workshop “Creating a Successful Corporate Culture” in Denver on Friday, September 20th.

In this hands-on workshop participants will learn multiple approaches to diagnose their existing culture and develop coherent strategies for positive culture change.

For full details and to register for this free workshop that’s sponsored by Dale Carnegie of Colorado:

 At the workshop participants will:

·      Explore a Culture Diagnosis Road Map to understand the key components of culture including company policies, communication style, codes of conduct, office setting and design, and organizational structure. 

·      Use a Culture Walk Tool to get a bird’s eye view of their culture as it is today. 

·      Practice leading a short culture interview that will allow deeper insight into what their employees think about the organization’s culture. 

·      Understand the differences between culture surveys, engagement surveys, and employee satisfaction surveys and when each tool is most appropriate to meet their needs. 

Apply a tool to check alignment between their organization’s purpose and values and current policies and processes.

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